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  • Due to the COVID-19 situation, all SYL activities are CANCELLED through at least mid-April.  The season start has been delayed until at least early May.  Look for updates here.  Questions?  Contact us
2020 Season Update


SYL Nation: 3.31.2020 Update


I hope everybody in SYL Nation and your family, friends and neighbors are all doing well and are healthy.  

Our parent organization, MBYLL, following the guidance of Governer Baker, has set our target season start date to MAY 10th.  This is great news considering we seems to be in the thick of the global pandemic.  The MBYLL staff, working with the town Directors, is working hard to find ways to still fit in an 8 game (full season) schedule.  

This means JUNIOR needs to be sharpening the saw EVERY DAY to prepare for our 2020 season!!


I have noticed that many families are enjoying daily evening walks in the neighborhood.  What a great time this would be for Jr. to bring his stick with him and practice craddling.  Even long poles and goalies should be doing this.  If his schedule allows, our kids should have their stick in their hands a minimum of 30 minutes a day.  I know many kids jumped on the Wall Ball challenge (winners announced soon) and put up AMAZING stats.  While some teammates posted 5k,7k and even 9k reps last week, I believe the winner did almost DOUBLE that.  Jr does not have to do 10k reps per week on the rebounder or wall, but 100 a day is an easy number for any of our players.  Chuck it up if it seems big.  Do 20 reps 5 times. See? EZ.  And realistic.

Please remember, while being outside is OK, being in a group, even a small group, is NOT OK. Please get outside and play, but play smart.  Keep your spacing.  Wash your hands.  Craddle.  Jump rope !!  This is the best thing you can do without your stick in your hands.  Go for a run.  Watch videos on lax and training.  But always do your school work FIRST.  


MBYLL will soon be sending all its members an email highlighting their direction, please read respond to us with any concerns and ideas..  


Be well, Stay well.

Kristen, Bob, Sean, Michael, and Kevin

SYL Board (volunteers)

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SYL 2020 season UPDATE
SYL Nation: Given the cancellation of schools and using guidance...
SYL required lacrosse equipment
  SYL 2020 season will start with indoor practices in mid-to-late...
SYL 2020 season UPDATE

SYL Nation:

Given the cancellation of schools and using guidance from our parent organization (MBYLL), SYL will pause our spring training for a minimum of 2 weeks, until we know more. 

Here is what we do know.

  • All Floral Street School practices are cancelled
  • Bancroft turf is closed for 2 weeks and will then re-assess
  • SJ and SHS turf is unavailable
  • Our grass is unavailable until early/mid April
  • MBYLL has delayed Opening Day from April 5th to April 17th (Select), and to April 19th (Classic)
  • Our season is NOT cancelled, but we do not have any scheduled practices at this time
  • This situation is unprecedented, and SYL will err on the side of caution

With all this going on, we believe that our boys can still be outside playing wall ball and hitting the rebounder.  They can go for a jog/walk.  They can do sprints and footwork drills.  Cradle, dodge, pass, catch.  The weather forecast for the next couple weeks is relatively mild.  Get Jr outside. Balance home study with home sports.  Take this time to Sharpen the Saw. 

We remain available to your input, questions and compliments.  


Mike, Kristen, Bob, Sean and Kevin

The SYL Board (volunteers) 

by posted 03/14/2020
SYL required lacrosse equipment


SYL 2020 season will start with indoor practices in mid-to-late February 2020.  For those who need equipment, starter lacrosse packages are available from Kleen 'N Hard Sports, Dicks Sporting Goods and Lacrosse Monkey.

If you have any questions regarding equipment, please email us for some great advice:


by posted 11/01/2014
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